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City Hall

City Hall

City Manager TBD 361-528-3512
City Secretary/Municipal Court Clerk Jennifer Pineda 361-528-3512
Finance Supervisor Stephanie Floyd 361-528-3512
Librarian Mary Griffin 361-528-3512
Water/Wastewater Supervisor Hector Lopez 361-528-3512
Streets /Parks Supervisor Lupe Castillo 361-528-3512
EMS Director Jorge Alvarez 361-528-3512
Building Inspector Tazh Fonville 361-528-3512
Plumbing/Gas Inspector Edmundo "Lico" Torres, Jr. 361-528-3512
Electrical/Mechanical Inspector Jim Ford 361-528-3512


Chief of Police John B. Landreth 361-528-3131

Municipal Court

City Attorney TBD 361-528-3512
Municipal Court Judge Carmel Herrera 361-528-3512

Court Schedule

1st & 3rd Tuesday of each month 4:30 PM -6:00 PM